Hey all,

I started lexapro 10mg daily almost a month ago after a really bad experience with Zoloft (basically bed ridden, I felt like I was in a coma, couldn't keep anything down not even water, was in pain constantly) so I switched. At first it was great, every day I seemed to feel a little better than the day before. But lately when I take it, a couple hours later my anxiety and depression seem to get worse, I get very lethargic, emotionally numb and irritable. This lasts for about 4 hours and then poof, it's like the fog lifts and I feel better again. Has anyone else experienced something similar and does anyone know if that could mean I have an underlying issue I'm unaware of? When I finally went to the doc my head was a mess and it was hard to really articulate what I was feeling but he got the general jist that I suffer from anxiety and depression. Thanks for all your help in advance!