in 3 days after taking this stuff i started with what i thought was a bladder infection. the straining because of the spasms was terrible. i did not even think of it being a side effect. i went to my regular doctor because it was time for my diabetes check, makes about 4 weeks of this. i did not even mention it because i didn't know. i told him i was taking them because of the guy did my throat thing insisted. he said stop taking it he didn't like the side effects. it wasn't until i got home i realized what i was having was side effects. i threw them away. that was in april, i am still having spasms, i am taking bethanechol, i have gone from every 12 hours to every 5 hours, and 1-1/2 tabs of 25 mg. nothing is helping, i have good days and then i have real bad days, the straining i am afraid has caused bladder and bowel prolapse, i have an appointment next friday with a urologist. do i have prolapse. i am miserable, i can not live like this, it has been since june when i started taking those pills. i asked my doctor is there such a thing a side effects that never go away, he said yes. i could have cried. this is not all that happens when i use the toilet, the clitoris engorses to the point i have to push it down to make it go down, it feels like every thing is coming out, i have trouble sitting. do you know any thing about this stuff?