I am 5'2, 95lbs

For the past 2 months I've been on a regimen of 150mg Lamictal + and 150mg Wellbutrin, taken orally in the morning and then 50mg Seroquel at night to help me sleep.

4 days ago, my Lamictal was doubled to 300mg (200mg in the morning, 100mg at night), and the Wellbutrin was also doubled to 300mg, but this time I was given Wellbutrin SR (which I believe is supposed to be slower release). I was still also taking the 50mg Seroquel at night.

For the last couple nights I've been having trouble sleeping despite the Seroquel. I fall asleep fine, but each time I wake up at 3am on the nose. Then this morning, it felt like all hell broke loose.

It started with my drive to work. I kept jerking my wheel to the side for no reason and I had trouble gauging the distance in front of me so I was braking very hard at every stop. It almost felt like I had very little control of my body. Once at work, here were my symptoms:

- Dry mouth
- Burning eyes
- Jitteryness and the shakes
- Tingling head and face
- Moving slow/slow reaction time
- Sensitive skin
- And the worst of it (especially for a work environment) was a TERRIBLE attention span. My colleague would tell me something for 30 seconds straight, and at the end I will have zero idea of what he said. I would speak and by the time I got to the end of a sentence, I would forget how the sentence started and what I was talking about. I was literally freaking out.

So I sat at my desk, laid low, drank as much water as I could, and ate two granola bars + one protein bar. It took awhile for the symptoms to go away, and even at the end of the day 5pm, it was still lingering, but the intensity was at 50%.

Has anyone had this combination or experienced anything like this? Why is it happening??? Are there long term effects? Any insight would be helpful.