I had my first of 5 shots and since then I have had a headache. I had the injection (1 in each knee Wednesday) the left was painful, has been 5 days and I am just now able to bend my knees without a lot of pain. Thursday am I did not feel well, had a strange headache and ended up passing out. My son tried to "wake me" for 20 minutes and finally called 911. The paramedics could only wake me by painful sternum rub. This happened around 10am and I finally came around about 2pm. Diagnosis was alternated mental status, low potassium and high ammonia and high blood pressure (155/111 and I am always normal 120's/80's. Has anyone had any weird things happen after injections? I have my 2nd 1 on Wednesday and I am nervous. Thank you for any feedback. I am so happy for those of you who have had success!