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What are the side effects, good/bad you all have had while being on spironolactone?

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gkenwill 30 Jul 2014

Good... lowers my bp better than anything else.
Bad... worsening of kidney insufficiency. Lowering dose has helped prevent this. I take 1/2 of 12.5 mg daily.

Stephen Treloar 30 Jul 2014

I'm a 48 year old male and Spironolactone has rapidly given me a set of proper female type breasts (It might have been nice if they had checked out my endocrine system and androgen levels before giving me an estradiol agonist (stimulates certain estrogen receptors). I complained to my doctor (GP) and he said it was a common off label use of this drug: given to girls to promote breast growth. Gynecomastia in men is a very common side effect and I'm pretty annoyed at being prescribed it unnecessarily by my liver specialist and at myself for waiting 4 months before I complained to my GP and found out why my breasts were growing so fast..

Otherwise I find it completely benign (I stopped taking it a couple of months ago because of the breasts and my because my blood potassium levels are fine without it). free discount card

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