... I started with a pain clinic recently and am trying gabapentin as I reduce my daily dilaudid for nerve damage in my back, two very damaged knees, and acute fibromyalgia. I tolerated 75mg (yes 1/4 pill- they start you slow and increase every 7 days) taken before bed pretty well- didn't notice a problem. However, I started 75 mg in the morning five days ago and now have noticed horrible gas and stomach issues- terrible nausea and also literally so much ipoop s coming out of me I dont know where it could come from as I dont eat enough to create it :-) - two of the mornings I have also vomited... More problematically my head feels pressure, as if it is almost swollen in size, and that builds to pressure and pain at the base of my skull and then inevitable a headache. Last night I was sobbing in pain. I also have noticed a loss of balance and a feeling sometimes that the ground is moving under my feet (yes I live in earthquake country but in this case it hasnt happened). Could all these be from the gabapentin? Will they go away? I want this to work but am not cool with these symptoms... Is there any reason I cant take all of my dose at night?