I don't have depression, but I've been suffering with episodes of tachycardia for a few months so I went to the doctor on wednesday just to see if it's normal. I just quit caffeine a week earlier and was doing better, but went to the doctor as a precaution. She thought maybe I was having panic attacks so she set me up on sertraline 50mg. I took it that night and an hour later I started having horrible symptoms. My heart began racing, I was very nauseous, couldn't sleep that night, etc. fast forward to today (Friday) and I still haven't slept, I still can't eat ANYTHING, and my heart won't stop racing. I need sleep. I need to eat. I'm watching my toddler alone tonight for the first time since I've had these symptoms since my husband is going back to work.
I'm sensitive to meds.
It's not improving at all.
I went to the hospital yesterday and they told me I just have to ride it out.
I didn't take any dose other than the first one.
When will I be back to normal? Please help me