I am on 8mg every 4 hours for chronic pain. I have been on this dose for 7 months. I'm on 4 other meds but my hands are falling asleep not only at night (dr asked if hands were above/below heart) but it also during the day. I've suddenly become unable to sleep (and am on 4mg a day of Xanax but mostly take it all at bedtime for sleep (high dosage due to being on for 14 years). Also on clonidine for high bp, toprol xl for mitral valve prolapse and premarin. All drugs have been on for 14 years except clonidine (.3 mg 2x day) was given starting a year ago ? And the dilaudid 7 months ago. But the hands falling asleep , not sleeping (going from a much needed 11-12 hours to 4 hours) , heart bothering me and blood pressure dropping is all new. I see my dr every 3 weeks and now picked up a home bp moniter but if anyone has noticed any of these symptoms suddenly appear I'd appreciate any help.