I was diagnosed with ADHD two years ago. I am 34 years old now. I see now how I have been ADHD all my life but was mistakenly diagnosed with manic bipolar in my early twenties which needless to say... Medications never worked and I would always stop using them. I moved a lot in my twenties and was unable to form good lasting friendship as well as had very unhealthy intimate relationships. I always been very impulsive and extremely emotional, sensitive and utterly manic. O thought I was just insane until I started taking meds for ADHD. I started with Adderall IR 45 ml and up to 60 ml within 4 months.. it changed my life but I was too jittery on it and wanted something less potent. I tried extended release and it was great but sleeping was hard so I am now on Concerts 36 ml a day for a week. I love how calm and collected it makes me but I am also a zombie, I rather be alone all the time, I'm irritated by people and I'm super sleepy and unmotivated is this normal? Will it go away? I heard Dexadrine may be better or Focalin? Any thought?