My grandson is 7 yrs old. He was diagnosed in 2010 with Autism (not sure if correct). He has a family history of mom being bi-polar. He lives with us since he was 3 mths old, his mom shook him at 3 weeks old, hospital via a hair folice test, found cocaine in his system. He has been on alot of stimulants as he is agressive, can not sit, very impulsive, talks ALOT. The specialists just recently (week ago) changed him to Clonidine 0.025 mg 1/2 tablet 3 x day along with risperidone 1 mg 3x day. Dr , 2 days ago now wants to increase him to 0.025 mg - 3 times a day. I have noticed when he is talking that his speech is slower and he has a "stoned, drunk" glazed eyes about him. We are just in the process of increasing it to the 3 full tablets 3 times a day but I see nothing different about his agression. He still runs out of the class room at school, does not comply with rules, still can not sit. How long does this medicine take to work and this "stoned" glazing in his eyes, does that go away? He tells me his head feels "crazy". I am assuming he means dizzy. Does this sound normal from this medicine?