Im a 40 year old male.. I think my whole life I have been moody and slightly depressed. I started taking 150mg 2X a day exactly 2 weeks ago.

I started taking it because I was laid off from work almost a year ago. I am an ex offender (meaning I have a couple felonies on my record for stupid decision I made 6 yrs ago while addicted to street drugs), the reason I mention this is because Im hoping somebody can understand how depressing looking for work can be as a convicted felon. Im a good man, I never harmed anybody besides myself... ever! So after about 6 months of
being denied employment that I was qualified for, because of the results of background checks, I had slipped deep down into a very dark hole. I had this felling of "impending doom" that would not go away. For the first time in my life i decided if I didnt get help, I would be miserable forever!!!

finally, here`s my question. Are these side effects gonna last forever? The worst one being Insomnia. I went 13 nights in a row without more than 3 hours of sleep a night. Finally, i asked my doctor for something to help me sleep. 2mg of Clonazepam has done nothing to help with the insomnia. I feel like a zombie, I have no motivation to do anything. I can barely get out of the house. My hands are shaking like crazy, and I have lost any sex drive that I did have.

I want to stay on this drug because it immediately took away the feelings of impending doom. Im not sure I can handle this if its always gonna be like this. 99% of the reviews i have read are all POSITIVE. But, i cant seem to find one that talks about any SHORT TERM side effects. Please anybody that can offer me some experiences or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.


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