I'll be going to yet another specialist next week. My neurologist & PCP say that this is pretty much all I have left to try & he's the guru. I've been reading about the lumps, soreness, increased pain, etc. after the injections. One lady I spoke to said she's 'down' for about 2 days after the injections but she feels it'll eventually be worth it. I can't be down for any length of time. I work even though I have a migraine. And Headaches are daily with very little relief. I've been thru headache clinics, all the testing, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, eat a 'clean' diet, avoid all my triggers. I am at an in pass & am still searching but am afraid of side effects. I've been dealing with this for the past 45 years (am 61), family history & now my granddaughters are suffering from daily headaches. ANY response from Botox injections would be extremely helpful!! thanks,