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What are side effects of antabuse?

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chuck1957 12 Feb 2015

TVDH unless you are noticing something its pretty hard to focus on just one But alcohol side effects and more so is much worse..while you are on antabuse many people don't think of things that can react to the antabuse there are alot of things you use that you may think that your getting a side effect come to find out that it is something else i reccomend first go through yor house look at stuff and make sure to get rid of anything that has alcohol in it.Not everyone but many are more sensitive than others but and the alcohol in it is enough to set you off remember even things worded with any type of alcohol in it does not have to be the type you drink ethenol,isopropol.etc. So anyway look in salad dressing's and other thing in the fridge and bathroom..your shaving gear..nothing with alcohol should you even put on after shave etc But if you are having anything on a regular basis pain here or there lots of rednesss Call your doctor right away and ask about if this could be a reaction is the best way..anything else should have come with the prescripion from the doctor or the pharmacy..I WISH YOU LUCK THE PROBLEMS ALCOHOL DOES TO YOU ARE FAR MUCH WORSE THAN WHAT ANTABUSE CAN DO..YOU CAN GET OFF OF IT... GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND... free discount card

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