I have been on sertraline for 8 years at a dose of 100 mg for OCD & depression/anxiety . I was absolutely great on it until I had a particularly stressful time at work and my doc upped my dose to 150 mg , took a long time to settle down with side effects but eventually did
Earlier this year I decided to try and reduce my med gradually as I felt very woozy especially on a morning .
I did this myself ,by 25mg each day and as you can guess suffered side effects so went back up to 150 after a few weeks. This was about 6 weeks ago and I am still suffering light headed , 'foggy head' feelings. I have had eyes, bloods taken, BP checked, thyroid etc all normal.
My doctor has suggested my dose maybe too high and wants me to gradually reduce back to 100mg . He has given me the liquid drug and I plan to try reducing by very small amounts (10mg) per week. I am very nervous of this as my OCD and mood is generally under control but I am tired of this fuzzy head . I have a stressful job in a hospital and have never taken time off work . I feel like maybe it may be time to reduce but dreading any additional side effects.
Has anyone reduced back to 100 and been fine ? Should I continue on 150 and hope the 'head' gets better? I felt a little like the doc (not my usual one ) didn't want to listen .
First time I have ever posted on here. Any advice is welcome