I am 26 and after having my son my doc wanted to put me on the depo shot. I only had one shot and decided that I did not like the way that it made me feel! my symptoms started about 4 months later with a migraine headache one day... I couldn't get out of bed! the next day I still had the headache and I was extremely nauseous and had a very upset stomach( I just thought I had the flu) The symptoms kept coming and going.. everyone that I knew thought I was pregnant... I started to think the same... I have taken several test(all negative)... I am going on a little over month and a half of this and now new symptoms!! I am still very nauseous(like morning sickness on steroids)I am now having major panic attacks, my heart feels like it is going to beat out of my chest and I am also having hot flashes- not to mention the weight gain of about 15 lbs!! I feel like I am pregnant, have PMS and going though menopause all at the same time!! I feel like I cant even leave the house!! I am so upset that I ever got the depo shot. I have been reading about so many women that are having similar symptoms and I am hoping someone out there has found something that helped!