So me and my girlfriend had intercourse on Saturday night starting around 8:33 I didn't really want to idk what I was thinking but I did the whole "just the tip" for about two minutes I didn't cum or anything I just got close to that point and then strapped up with a condom and just ended it around 8:55 I pulled out and made sure the condom didn't break which it did not the day after I wanted to make sure we were good so I went and got her the plan b one step pill and she took it 230pm this past Sunday she had a lot of the side effects such as tiredness vomiting about 5 hours after taking the pill headache and dizziness now my question is she's already on birth control and from what I know she's taking it regularly was it a good idea to take the plan b one step pill while she was already on BC? And could that be the reason why she's still feeling sick to her stomach and vomiting?