My son, who is 20 yrs old began taking Adderall 20 mg about a month and a half ago. He took it for 3 weeks then had a major side effect; he thought he was having a heart attack, his heart was racing, his blood pressure sky rocketed, dizziness, etc.. He quit taking it and went to the doctor. They ran an EKG, did an echo cardigram, 24 halter heart monitor and ran blood work and everything came back normal. He hasnt taken Adderall since. Its been almost a month now and he still has episodes of blood pressure spikes and tightness in his chest. They have him on blood pressure medication right now, but the doctors have no explanation why a healthy 20 year man has blood pressure problems still after being off the medication. Would Adderall still be in his system? Will he continue to have blood pressure problems? it seems his blood pressure spikes now (on medication) only when he is outside and its 90*. Does Adderall store in fat cells and release when the patient gets hot? Anyone have any answers we would be greatful. Thank you in advance