I was on zoladex for 2 years for the treatment of endometriosis - I was under a specialist and as it was working well he decided to keep me on it. I suffered from various side effects including lowered libido and hot flushes, but put up with them.

I came off zoladex 3 years ago and went straight back on the pill to manage my endo. My libido has never come back, and I still get occasional hot flushes. A gynae told me this was because I went straight on the pill so I came off it for 3 months but my periods were excruciating and I couldn't function. The symptoms did not go away during this time. Strangely, I've had about 3 occasions where my libido has returned for 48-72 and then gone away again, like a light switch being turned on and off. Due to bad experiences in my childhood, I cannot force myself to do things when my drive is gone.

I'm very worried about the damage I may have done to my body and what the problem is. It's causing serious problems in my marriage. Can anyone suggest anything, is anyone else going through this or had any answers?