Hi all... I was on amitriptoline, propranolol, indomethacin, and 150mg venlafaxine.
I was on these for about a year and the doc decided to lower the venlafaxine to 75mg but I started to get angry and agitated so I went back and he upped it back to 150 again but he said I couldnt have amitriptoline as they cant be mixed and I said i had no problems with taking both but he was adamant. I took the amitriptoline to help me sleep. I am now hardly sleeping I overheat really easily and I start itching all over and get a rash that looks like hives... it itches that bad I scratch so much I draw blood and get shouted at by my girlfriend. I get loads of headaches and I sweat like its going out of fashion just by walking a little bit or tidying up and go back to the rash and itch stage again... I go really light headed when I get to hot...
I have been off the amitriptoline for about 6months now so any withdrawal from them would have subsided by now.
So after all this the question is are these side affects from the venlafaxine and should I be concerned... because at the moment i am