... personality change in my wife or is it just the pain.

My wife of 35 yrs has been taking 10mg tab twice a day for the last 3 yrs. She has scar tissue entrapped nerves which caused so much pain that she had to go through an operation where they cut he main nerve to the area in her side to relieve the pain in her side. While that helped to reduce her pain it did not eliminate it. To help her function at a much reduced level she has been taking the oxy for the last 3 yrs. I have noticed a complete personality change in her. She is now very negative, never smiles at me, doesn't shows any emotion, has difficulty sleeping and just seems to be the opposite of who she used to be. She says it has nothing to do with it, but knowing her as well as I do I think it must. I know the pain alone will take its toll, but I think it has to be more than that. Again she is not abusing it, she never takes more than prescribed. I know this because she only gets a 30 day supply at the time and I usually go pick it up at the pharmacy and it's always 30 days min in between refills