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Is there any side effect of any type of laxative or pills used for constipation or piles?

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SoMuchPain 5 May 2012

I have never heard off any and I have taken my share, I would do an enema if its bad, they have no side effects. But if you just need something for a little help take a stool softener.
Good luck.

sonnyman59 15 May 2012

i use miralax every morning but it's only a softner,i have found that drinking plenty of water helps some.

kaismama 5 May 2012

I'm sure they have to have some but I've never experienced any. Of course they would list abdominal cramps and diarrhea as a side effect. lolol... One warning though, there is a question of taking Milk of Magnesia if on dialysis.

SoMuchPain 5 May 2012

Thats funny I don't think of those as side affect's, that's just what happens. LOL

kaismama 5 May 2012

They list everything on a drug. Would you believe a side effect of insulin (for diabetes) listed is low blood sugar.

ElizaJane23 6 May 2012

I believe it. Everyone is so busy protecting themselves from frivolous lawsuits - like having to warn that coffee is hot! Ridiculous, but somebody made a lot of money before they listed it as such! free discount card

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