My GP prescribed me Fucithalmic ointment for my left eye coz I had slight reddish eye n i felt a bit swollen.after 1 week still he same so i wet to other GP for 2nd opinion,he prescribed me 2 eye became more red & teary. i stopped using it after 2 doses. I went to eye specialist, there they did test ,i had blurred vision on my left eye.The Dr diagnosed it as Uveitis.prescibed me Pred forte 1%.(tobe use 1 drop every hr ),Maxidex (before bed),atropine sulp (1 drop BD).I am very worried as this Pred forte is steroid & the Dr didnt tell us what would be the consequence after using it for more than a eye gets better but as i read about Pred Forte i am trembled as i dont wanna use it for long he asked me to use 1 drop every 2hrs .gradually will lessen the frequency.