... swollen to the size of an elephants.Noone knows why. After a week and a half of this, by keeping them constantantly up they finally went down. Noticed I had to urinate alot that day. Now the right foot only swells up and feels like there is a tight band around my ankle and the the foot itself is hot and inflamed. There is also a open sore on my littlest toe that won't heal up and pains my constantantly. That sore has been there for months, the swelling of the foot, etc. is all new. My most recent med my doc has me on is morphine and amlodipine-benaz. I also take, Mirtazapine, Lorazepam, Norco every 4 hours and 1 Darvecet at bedtime. Could the combo of some of these meds be what is causing me so much foot pain and swelling? I hope you can help me, seems noone has any answers