... ago to treat anxiety and depression. I noticed the effects of Zoloft right away. At first I felt better than I have in years, not agitated, calm and happy but I didnt expect it to work so quickly. As I said it is only my 5th day and today I felt very strange. It seems I had heightened senses, my vision was sharpened and my reaction time also. I am wondering if I have been so bad for so long that what Im actually.going through is my body becoming normal again and less sedated but I feel this is quite strange so early on in treatment. Today I felt great until lunchtime and then I could barely keep my eyes open, continually yawning. I am back at the doctors tomorrow but I was wondering if anybody has had anything like this? I felt like I should say 'I was bitten by a radioactive spider and my senses were heightened' lol. Probably not something someone would complain about but it was actually disorientating :/