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Side Effect - I take ciprofloxacin and I feel bad, very tired can this pill be the reason for this?

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31 Jul 2012

Unfortunately, these could be rare side effects of taking ciprofloxacin, if you think you are not comfortable taking this med, you could seek a change by talking to your doc/pharmacist who prescribed the med.

Please take care, best wishes!

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Anonymous 31 Jul 2012

50 Debbie sorry to use your question, but need to give some info to my friend Rajive. Hey Rajive, I found a magazine you can order the medihoney from! It's called, & product # 40463. My brothers doctor had him use this on his leg wounds & it really helped. Know you foot wound is almost healed, but may be good for future reference. It's made from manuka honey & aloe vera. & is only $19.99 US dollars. good luck my friend... Mary

Rajive Goel 1 Aug 2012

Thanks a lot honey, I shall get in touch with the company & see how to order it.

You take care, my best wishes!

1 Aug 2012

Cipro is definitely a feel bad antibiotic! I threw up and was very sick with it. There is a lot written up on this antibiotic and you can find it by typing it in a search engine such as Google. I remember some time back that the FDA had some writeups on it. It would be wise for you to tell your doctor immediately so that he can give you something else. Take Probiotics when you are on an antibiotic as it helps to replace the good soldiers that are destroyed along with the bad ones when on these meds. You can mention this to your doctor.
Good luck to you Debbie

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