My girlfriend has just recently in the last few weeks, around 6 weeks I believe, started taking 2.5mg Zy Prexa and 20mg Lexapro (that expired 4 years ago according to the Rx label) and has changed some. She has less severe mood swings and is a lot more calmer than she has been, but the side affects seem to be extreme. She is extremely tired all the time now, like I have never seen her before. She sleeps alot longer than she has in the past and much much heavier. She naps usually every day and can fall asleep within a matter of a minute or two when she does go to bed or take a nap. Her appetite has increased incredibly and has a bit of weight gained, which she is horribly bothered by. And her sex drive went from all the time to non existent. Is there anything that can be done to counter these side affects?