I was recently diganosed with hypothyroid,im 17 years old and also have typeone diabetes ...
I feel like Ive had this condition for a year..(but my pcp ignored the obvious symptoms i kept telling kept getting worse) my Endo just recently found it in bloodwork and perscribed medicane.
But heres the problem; i live in an abusive household and the perscription pick up has been (purposly) stalled a couple days. Each day i feel worse and worse.
Today i had to over exert what little energy/strength i do have..ever since i havent been able to fully catch my breath. Im shaky and faint(my blood sugar is like 200+) and my limbs weigh a ton. I even passed out on the living room floor(only to cause a stressful family confrontaion... exasperating symptoms)
My visions is blurry ... my heart rate feels a little too quick ... and im so thirsty..no matter how much water i drink..
Im new to this... so im unsure if i should wait this out or not.
Sorry for the long post... any help is greatly welcomed tho :'D