Hello, so I’ve had this issue for about a year or so now. Every time I go out drinking (which is very few and far between, roughly once every 4 months) the next day I will be extremely sick and vomit for hours at a time. Now where this has me concerned, is I can eat dinner and drink tons of water with my liquor, then leave the club and eat another meal once more and drink tons more water once I get home. Then in the morning when I get up I will almost always and definitely puke for hours at a time and what comes out is literally pure alcohol. Like all I did all night was drink pure vodka. Any food or water will be entirely gone out of my stomach and what comes out tastes like fresh vodka. What does this mean? And is that even possible? This happens every time I drink, which I mentioned is not often at all. I’m just alarmed and feel like it’s maybe not normal? Help!