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I'm sick of feeling I'm going to die,no sleep,panic,will I die from thinking it all the time?

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balbanese 18 Aug 2012

only the drama will kill you, but you will not die, it will only kill your joy. we are thinking beings, made thinkers. thinking is always happening, it is what we do and it is what separates us from the worm and the fishy. yes, we can drum up the panic and sound aloud roar, sleep later my friend, open the door and let your thoughts spill into the other rooms. eventually sleep will conquer and we prevail until another fay. thinking, breakfast of champions. Bone appetite!

balbanese 18 Aug 2012

thinking still? let them spill out.

Delila 18 Aug 2012

Hi, how long have you felt like this? Are you suffering from PTSD? It sounds like you need to talk to someone professional about this, as i guess you don't have a great quality of life right now. Have you discussed how you feel with your doctor or a counsellor? No you won't die from ruminating over death, but it isn't good for your psychological health.

Inactive 18 Aug 2012

I totally agree with my friend Delilas answer. Remember we start to die from the moment we are born. Such is life, but if it is a constant fear, a doctor can help you get over this fear with counseling & maybe a good medication to calm or relax you...

Inactive 18 Aug 2012

Hello Gloria. Welcome to the site. Have you thought about therapy? And medications? The two might just help to make your life more at ease. Regards, pledge

HeadStarter 18 Aug 2012

Hello Gloria - you won't die from thinking about it all the time BUT you will drive yourself to distraction. That can then lead you to doing things without thinking first about what you're doing... that CAN lead to an accident whether intentional or unintentional. Spinning thoughts are not a good thing because it keeps your mind filled with negative energy and garbage. Perhaps some talk therapy with a good psychiatrist can get you back on track and maybe even a little anti-anxiety medication thrown into the mix, too... that might help you sleep. I take Ativan for sleep or I just don't sleep. I have a very active mind and the thoughts never seem to stop. However, with Ativan... just 1-2mg at night helps me fall asleep and then stay asleep... TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I also wake up feeling rested instead of over-stimulated. We gals need our BEAUTY SLEEP or we look like old hags from the bog...


KSherazipo 19 Aug 2012

Gloria, I absolutely under stand what you are going through! I have Fibromyalgis, sympathic reflex disorder, and am a diabetic. No you will not die from thinking it all of the time. But you do need somekind of medicine thaat will help you. I take xanax for panic attacks. I take lunesta for chronic sleep problems. I have been where you are. Please don't think you are going to die from this. You need help. Have you been diagnosed by a Dr. for any of your illnesses? If their is any way I can help you I will. Sherry K free discount card

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