So it started almost 3 weeks ago, I kept throwing up after eating. As it went on i started to make bowel movements multiple times every time i ate, and continued to throw up, even when i barely eat anything. To put it into perspective, for breakfast yesterday i had one single hashbrown and like fifth of a smoothie and threw up once and used the washroom 4 times because of it. That's how it is every meal, but i don't want to not eat because it'll only affect my body in a different unhealthy way if i do that, so i just eat really small portions and deal with the sickness. It hurts in my lower stomach constantly, aside from the nausea. Also, I'm not sure if this is related but right around the same time my lower back started to hurt really badly, and its still continuing to do so even after heating it or doing exercises. I haven't slept Much at all because i can't lay on my stomach because it hurts, but it hurts to lay on my back too, and its just been stressful. Is this anything to worry about or do i just ride it out?