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Siactica nerve how to cope with the pain?

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cholemarie 8 Dec 2010

i have that same problem to among the others i used heating pad a get injection in my back that help about every 2 months

Masrea 8 Dec 2010

I sufferd with Siactica pain for so many years ,, i use heating pad ,, take pain medcine ,, try to do some Siactica exricis does help a lot ,,then finaly on decmber 2009 i had the spinal stenosis surgery ,,i am so gratful i am 95% pain free ,, try to rest as much as you can ,, you take care , hope you have some relife

midwestma 8 Dec 2010

Hello buterfly72,
Sciatica pain has got to be the most annoying pain there is, so many times pain medicine does not even work, the cortisone or steroid injections last for a short time and do help some people, they helped me for a short while, however I did get more relief from using the Lidocaine Patch my doctor ordered, along with a heating pad when I did not have the Patch on, you cannot use a heating pad when the Lidocaine Patch is on. I know how troublesome this sort of pain can be, so I do wish you the very best, and hope you have fewer painful days. Some folks have used an Ice Pack and have had some luck with that also, I guess it just depends on what works for you and some of this is trial and error. All my best to you and Good Luck. God Bless midwestma

Sacosam 9 Dec 2010

Hi all: I have "P.M.R" or Polymyalgia Rheumatica. Basically it's a horrible & painfully crippeling form of Arthritis that affects everything (no headaches), low back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists , hands , and fingers.
It was 3mos. before I could get out of bed... "IT WILL GET YOUR ATTENTION"! My Dr. refused Me any pain meds for the first year.[didn't trust me I guess!] so I bought anything and everything that said it would ease pain. He finally aggreed to trust me. One of the things that I bought & never opened was "MAGNILIFE"! It's a homeopathic remedy for "SCIATICA
PAIN RELIEF. I also bought some HP stuff from the same outfit for restless leg syndrome... that works , i've used it 3 times already. If anyone wants this
"sciatica relief" send me a mailing address & you own it. Sacosam free discount card

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