Both of my sons were diagnosed with ADHD a few years ago. They both were started on concerta 18mg and are now both taking 54mg. I as well as their teachers are beginning to notice changes. They are both becoming more unfocused in the afternoons. Their doctor suggested adding ritalin 10mg around lunch-time. I am worried about starting them on this regimin due to all of the side effects I have read about. When we first started concerta, we had to deal with sleeplessness, loss of appetite, occassional headaches, mood swings, and nausea. The side effects were not terribly bad. I am really worried about adding ritalin due to the possible side effects of weight loss and slowing growth. My oldest son is 10 and is 52 inches tall weighs 55 pounds. My other son is 8 years old and is about 50 inches tall and weighs 60 pounds. Would you recommend that we try this medication anyway or should I suggest an alternative to the doctor?