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Should tramadol and clozapam be used together? when person is both alcholic and drug user?

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Sacosam 28 Mar 2010

Gonefg; WHHHHAAAAAAATTTT! ! ! You're still drinking , and your still drugging, so what you're really looking for is someone to tell you it's ok... This from a 40 year Drunk, with 22yrs. sober [5/12/1989] The name "SOCIETY??? " gives people like you is "Addict"! At least that's the impression you're putting down. Are you? You have no intention of going straight , so i'm not going much further with this. ALL addiction programs that aren't 100% self supporting , as is Alcoholics Anonymous , and Narcotics Anonymous , are like drugs, They'll do nothing for you but take your money. You walk in to A.A. or N.A., You sit down in a seat , and You PAY for that seat. These 2 programs are gifts of God, and they have helped MILLIONS of drunks and addicts, in all Countries Worldwide get straightened out. Have you got the "Cojones" to try it ? ? They are in every phone book, and on the internet. "Get on the goodfoot Bub ! Sacosam free discount card

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