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Should risperidone be taken for Adhd?

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Anonymous 16 Nov 2011

Hello lavanna may. I say yes. Risperidone ( risperdal) is prescribed for a variety of illnesses. bi-polar being one. Its an anti-psychotic drug, fairly well tolerated, few side effects. So, yes, I can see it being prescribed for Adhd. You might ask your doctor or pharmacist to confirm or to get thier opinion. Very best to you,

stopdruggingkids 19 Nov 2011

Hello . I would say definitely no to a child taking the antipsychotic drug risperdone. It can cause brain damage and neurological damage such as tardive dyskinesia. I think a healthy lively child should never be given this drug to control their behaviour. KIds change like the weather and they grow out of certain behaviours especially if you are consistant and teach them how to behave. JUst be really patient. ADHD cannot be proven by any medical test. It is just a theory. Bad behaviour does not mean your child is psychotic! free discount card

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