I have many many severe chronic pain issues that keep my pain levels at 6-8 daily. I have been on the duragesic patch for 10 + years and started at the 25 mcg and now I am up to 100mcg. I have been on the 100mcg for almost 7 years and this dosage does not work to good. I have been seeing my pain doctor for 12 years and everytime I ask would it help if I went up to 125mcg he just about bites my head off. I get one 10mg oxycodine for break through pain that really is useless now. What can I do to get my doactor to up my dosage or up my break through meds. I stay at a 6-8 pain level daily. I really like the patch it helps but has really helped in the past. The last 2 years have been a kiving hell and dont wont to tick my doc off but he says no can not up the mcg dea will get me. Then he says we will figure something out when you just cant take it. He see's the level of pain I am at when I see him every 3 months. Any suggestions. He has really helpede with getting me on disabilty in the past 2 years but what do I need to do start calling and complaining daily?? or what.