I have been constipated for weeks due to pain medication, stress, vacation and probably diet too. I have gone to the bathroom, but I am not fully evacuating and it's getting painful. I went to the hospital 9 months ago for this problem (although much more severe at that point) and they gave me magnesium citrate with suppository stool softeners. I remember the mag citrate was a painful experience and I vomited the first bottle. I need to take this stuff before it gets any worse. My daily miralax and the two ducolax suppositories I took last night haven't provided much relief. I thought withholding the pain meds would produce the urge to go but after more than twenty four hours that hasn't helped either. I need to know if I can take my pain medicine as usual, then do the mag citrate? I'm in a world of hurt. Or would it be better to skip it and bear the pain? No interactions between the two are listed.