I am currently taking 40 mg of methadone 3 times a day and 4 mg of dilaudid 4 times a day and I still have pain most days. I have a herniated disc at t6 and t7 and an abnormally excessive amount of adhesions (scar tissue) in my abdomen from 9 different abdominal surgeries. I also have a huge hernia that was repaired with mesh that got infected and had to be removed so the hernia tore through my abdominal muscles shortly after having the mesh removed. I am have been on these same meds and doses for almost 3 years and I am getting to where I am in more pain every day. It took forever to get me to a level that I could function somewhat normally and at least do some housework and go to work each day (office job, no physical labor thank God). I knew I wouldn't be pain free, but it was manageable up until a few months ago. It seems like I can function a little less each day. I don't want them to start changing all of my meds around to where I am dealing with new side effects or reactions or worse yet, meds that don't work at all. I am trying to decide if I can see if I can get an increase in what I am already on or maybe change the dilaudid to opana. A nurse friend of mine told me that opana to dilaudid is like percocet to lorcet. Does anyone know if this is true and have any advice for me? I really don't want to lie around all day and do nothing again. I already lived like that for over a year and don't wanna go back! Thanks for any help offered!