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Should I take celexa for anxiety if the doctor thinks I also maybe having seizures?

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vtech10 13 Apr 2011

Maybaby, first of all I want to say hello to you, and secondly that question should be called into the doctor that gives you seizure medication. Why? because if your seizures are controlled with your current medication, then you really should not ask anyone on this site about what you should take. I say that because my daughter started having seizures at 2 1/2 years old. And trust me the only person I am asking about any contradictory medication is her neurolgist- she is 8 years old now and was on carbatrol for seizures her episodes stopped at age 5. I would try medications from her psychologist but her having twitches, and tremors were not worth us going back to epileptic seizures... now do you understand. She does have ADHD and I give her all types of natural products as help aides to relax her. Peppermint tea, her neurolgist recommended melantonin a natural vitamin.

caringsonbj 13 Apr 2011

I think that you should at least talk to the prescribing doctor and maybe also the other doctor just to be on the safe side. best wishes-

123latimer 14 Apr 2011

Celexa is used for depression usually. I began having seziures in 2007, after trying topamax and tegratol, the Dr. started me on an old medicine that was very effective Depacote. I went off the medicine once and totalled my husband's new truck and broke a telephone pole. I have never gone off of it since. I have anxiety too from MS, I can't go into crowds, etc. They put me on xanax and it did the trick. free discount card

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