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Should I remove my fentynal patch before outpatient surgery?

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itsmetoo2 15 Feb 2010

I would ask the nurse in your physicians office. This is a great question and you need to get the right answer from the surgeon's office.

Wish you the best

mykinzie 15 Feb 2010

Hi. I'm on the Fentanyl patch too. Tomorrow I'm getting an Epidural shot in my lower spine. They are putting me out with anesthesia and so its all very similar to you and I am not removing my patch. I just put it on today and I heard once you take them off, you cannot replace them, or if you do, they're ineffective. I'm not sure if that's true or not, I'm not a dr. And like I said, "I heard". I'm keeping it on tomorrow, and also making sure I do tell the surgeon and anesthesiologist. Plz do let me know what u decide tho ok? I'm int and also concerned. Marla.

cherieaz 15 Feb 2010

I'm keeping mine on too a friend removed hers before a colonoscopy and went through withdrawl symptoms before the procedure. If they decide to cancel because I kept it on then I'll reschedule but don't want withdrawls!!

cherieaz 16 Feb 2010

I had my surgery today, I kept the patch on and the anestheologist said that it was a good thing because then he would have to deal with the problem of withdrawl and it did not hurt to have it on. He was able to put me out with the patch on without any problem and I recovered just fine. So... it is ok to leave it on before surgery.

mykinzie 16 Feb 2010

Good for you! I'm so glad it all worked out well for you! Mine was cancelled so I'm glad I didn't take it off. You helped to reinstill in me tho to be sure and let the dr know no matter what! Thanks. Marla.

barbles2413 18 Feb 2010

When the nurse calls you the day before surgery you can ask her that question she will defintely have the answer free discount card

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