I'm currently taking 90mg oxycontin ER plus 30mg oxcodone IR. I have chronic pain that I've had two $80,000 surgeries to attempt to correct. The surgeries were basically a sucess but now I'm left with a great deal of back pain. I have a spinal cord stimulator. The hope is that I can build my back strength up and actually recover from the surgeries. My first sugery was in 2006 and it hasn't gotten any better yet, it seems i've only added back pain to my original issues. Oxycontin is the only drug I've ever used to help relieve the pain, starting in 2004 when I went to the hospital in kidney failure, almost died, and the dr's finally believed that I was really in pain and started me on oxycontin. Unfortunately my illness has just recently been approved as a real handicap and there are a lot of dr's that still believe interstitial cytitis is not real and it's a psycological problem. Clearly it is a real illness considering It caused me to go into kidney failure. 2yrs ago I tried suboxone for about 3 months, but the doctor I was referred to didn't believe me when I told him it wasn't helping my pain. He refused to increase the suboxone dose and labled me as a drug seeker, so I went back to my old dr and back to oxy. The only benefit to that experience was that it reset my tolerance, but of course it's built back up again. Now my dr wants to put me on methadone and that really scares me. I don't understand why he wants to jump straight to methadone when I've never really tried other pain medicines. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about other pain medicines I could ask my doctor about. Or if anyone has any advice as to whether or not I should try the methadone. I'm only 33 so I really need to think long term & I just feel like there's nowhere to go after methadone. My doc says we just need to reset my tolerance again and then he'll put me back on the oxycontin. Is it even possible to just switch from methadone to oxcontin? Any advice is welcome. My appointment is tomorrow and this is the third appointment about this because I told him I was too uncomfortable with taking methadone the last to times... I know he's going to try to convince me to switch to methadone but I'm not sure I should.