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Should I give my Zoloft to another person?

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Inactive 24 Jan 2012

Hello phouse. No. Never. Its against the law.That person might have a very serious reaction to it. Never a sound idea to share a medication with another person. Good wishes and health to you,pledge

Inactive 24 Jan 2012

I must say I agree 100% with Pledge, medication is personal.

All the best,


Inactive 25 Jan 2012

I concur with both my friends Pledge & Maso... Mary

tlcandmore 25 Jan 2012

Hi Phouse,
As has been said you are not supposed to give your prescription meds to anyone else. What I'm wondering is what is going on with the other person that you think they need this med? Are they seriously depressed? If this is the case you need to get some help for your friend. Do they have a history of depression? Just concerned. Let me know if I can help. Depression is nothing to mess around with. Good luck my friend. Best wishes and God Bless. -Terri-

nenag 25 Jan 2012

I strongly agree with my DC friends, these meds can come with a list of side effects that must be monitored by an MD. Please tell your friend to visit his/her Dr.

katstew 26 Jan 2012

I have recently wondered the same thing. I have a friend who is on an A.D. I had to stop taking about three months back because it didn't work out for me. He is reacting well to it on a lower dosage: 30mgs, but cant afford it. I have FOUR boxes of 30mgs at home as I was taking 90mgs. I am at a loss as to whether to offer it to him or not. It seems just plain 'wrong', although its just taking up cupboard space at home... free discount card

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