Hi, I'm new to the forum and plan to start detox next week. I've read through many posts but still have a few questions.

Five years ago I started on Percocet 5mg, 1-2 tabs, 3x a day for acute back/hip pain from a fall. Being an addict, I loved the feeling and found ways to get them illegally after the doctor discontinued my prescription.

I now take Morphine CR 60 mg/day and Percocet 100 mg/day. I have tapered to 30 mg on the morphine and trying to get the morphines in 15 mgs to taper more, as I know I should not cut them. I have not been successful tapering percocets and this worries me. Is my daily narcotic use considered a lot to go cold turkey?

I've got the Thomas Recipe ready to go for next week. Do I detox off both narcotics at the same time? I've been off alcohol for 20 years and don't want to relapse on that.

Any thoughts/ suggestions would be very appreciated!

Thank you, Seeking Serenity