I have been sick for so long now. I am diagnosed as uncontrolled fibromyalgia and autonomic nervous system disorder. I've been dealing with pain for 3 years and counting. I've also been taking Norco for even longer. I was previously misdiagnosed. I also am am emt. Before I refused to take my pain pills while at work because I can lose my job/license. But lately I've been experiencing withdrawals on my work days (24 hour shifts) so now I chance it and take one or 2 throught the day. I'm so worried Im addicted now. I don't exceed 6 pills per day. Sadly a bad day I can take 8. I just don't know what to do. I hate taking pills and I hate being sick. I just don't know if i should go without n deal with it or stay on it and become addicted. I've talked to my Dr and he refused to change my meds or go to a different Meds. Then he told me I can't go to anyone else because they won't help me with pain meds. And well he was right. My pcp told me to stop the norco and take tylenol. I guess my question is can a person safely take pain pills and not become addicted or will the addiction just take place? I'm so tired of pills but not taking them is bad too. Any advice would he greatly appreciated.