I am 19, fit and healthy. I don't smoke. I just started taking bc. My first month, I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. I don't have insurance so I switched this month to Tri-Sprintec.

I have felt like a mess the past month and a half. Severe and sudden headaches at random, if I listen to moderately loud music, or if I read my computer/iPhone screen for more than ten minutes. Vaginal itching, Crazy mood swings (which make me feel really bad for my boyfriend), and a general feeling of fatigue and ickiness.

I know it tells me to contact my doctor asap if these occur but I wanted to know if anyone else experiences these symptoms or are they rare? I'm wondering if I'm allergic.
Should I just switch to a different bc? I would prefer low hormone levels, so what are some other options? I'd appreciate any feedback :)