I ve been taking 40mg at bedtime and after 2 months, finally it's working! It has greatly improved my bipolar symptoms and quality of life. Initial sleepiness, forgetfulness and some confusion lessend overtime so the benefits far outweighed the bad. BUT lately I've noticed: Heavy Bruising, Ammonia like odor in Urine, EXCESSIVE sweating. Not pretty sideffects that are bothersome and unusual for me.

I checked the Geodon insert and find that "sweating" is a symptom of Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome which is potentially fatal... pretty vague but gives pause (I'll consult physician on Monday). And diabetes is another concern. Curious: Anyone with similar side effects? Should I be concerned? Any advice or feedback would be appreciated.

additional meds: adderall xr 30mg, celexa 20mg