My daughter is 14 years old, whom is obese, 193lbs, and is 5'5, recently gained 13 pounds between doctors visits. Concerned with this because she has been eating healthy and walking 2.5 miles a day, I consulted her pediatrician. He ordered TSH and T4 labs.. TSH was 1.2, and T4 was 0.96. He explained that these are both within normal range, but both are on the low side of normal, and considering her recent weight gain, he is prescribing Synthroid .25, taking half of it for the first 2 weeks, then the whole .25 after that. He said this is a controversial area and advised me to read up on it and ultimately it is up to me on whether to medicate or not. I have been researching and instead of clarification I am just getting more confused. I am seeking advice on this issue, and any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Some of her medical history includes removal of gall bladder, history of stomach pains with no diagnosis (just every now and then) and headaches.