I have been on Aviane for three packs now, and its mostly gone pretty well. I have had few side effects; no major weight gain (only a couple pounds), my cramping has lessened, and although my eating habits are changing, I could attribute that to recent stress about moving out and whatnot.

My main issue with Aviane is the breakthrough bleeding. My doctor told me to take three months in a row, so I wont get my period until after the third month. I started Aviane the DAY AFTER my period in July. The first week of August, when I would normally get my period, I started having breakthrough bleeding. It started light, and kinda watery, almost like it wasn't blood. I am now ending my third week of breakthrough bleeding and it varies from light watery blood to black old stuff.

I didn't even make it to the third pack before it began, I was in the middle of taking my second and had to start pack three while still bleeding. I plan to ignore my doctor next month and have my period when I'm used to it, but I'm still nervous about right now. Is my breakthrough bleeding supposed to happen for this long? Does this mean I need a higher dose pill? I need to know because since I started taking BC, my boyfriend and I have let ourselves be more reckless and I can't afford to get pregnant, I'm just starting college.