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Should a person liquify oxycontin on their own or is that a sign of drug abuse?

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mpvt 29 Sep 2009

You just answered your own question. Anytime you start to look for a way to get high or to get more bang for the buck you have to ask yourself if there is a problem here. Try and get off the shit if you can, it will literally ruin your life. Take it from someone who abused heavily everyday for over 23 years. I was so bad that I have never been in any type of opiate withdrawls. I was a total pig... Good Luck... Dave

jkai 30 Sep 2009

I'm not on it you idiot! Someone I met was talking about it and I went online to find out if this was smart or legal. Thank you for your answer though and congrats on your own accomplishments.

Scoliosis 30 Mar 2012

iv tried everything else smartypants and nothing comes close to treating my chronic pains. Seriously, think b4 you reply. please please!!! there r people with legit real chronic pain issues and I am sick and tired of people saying we r better chopping wood. I can not wait until someone invents the machine that will allow docs to feel how we feel, even temporarily, and thus truly understand.
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