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I had last shot of depo provera last may 11,2016 then I have sex last july 26 can I get pregnant?

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LousArk 27 Jul 2016

If you got your last shot on May 11th then you would be covered for 13 weeks after that shot, against pregnancy. So, no, is the answer.

meme2568 27 Jul 2016

Thank you so much

LousArk 27 Jul 2016

You're very welcome

meme2568 4 Aug 2016

I have follow up question ...
Last April 14 I have contraceptive injection too.. I was research there is 8 weeks injection ..I was confused if why they inject me for month April and May... is it possible that the injection is good only for 8 weeks? I am afraid if I get pregnant.. during the date of sexual intercourse the day before is last day of my irregular period... hope you can help me

LousArk 4 Aug 2016

Sometimes they give you the shot earlier, to help stop any bleeding between shots. That's the only reason I can think they would do that.
You are covered for 13 wks free discount card

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