I am a very healthy and active 31 year old... never had any previous health issues. Went to the ER for symptoms and they diagnosed me with pleurisy (all tests came back normal.) They put me on steroids and anti-inflammatory meds. I am currently on my 3rd round of steroids (never taken anything before in my life besides over the counter meds) and nothing seems to be helping. I am having to rest as much as possible, since activity does make it so much worse. I have a fairly strenuous occupation, which I work 2-3 days a week/12 hours shifts, a family, and active lifestyle and everything has been put on the back-burner because of this. I have an appointment to have the iud removed next week since I feel like I have had nothing but issues since having it put in and I feel like mirena could be the cause. I was just curious if anybody else has experienced shortness of breath, sharp chest/upper back pain/tightness/pressure on mirena.